NanoQuantum - The Shell Game


Hello and welcome to a quantum version of the con artists's classic Shell Game.

Now I like challenges—and so I asked myself: Could I map a real world problem into a real-world quantum computing environment and solve it? Is it possible to use a quantum computer, just like a classical computer, to do something less ethereal than factoring primes, something real?

Enter the Shell Game. In this online version of the classic con game, we can demonstrate how to use a quantum computer to solve the riddle of the game by deducing under which Shell the ball has been hidden. For more on this, read the article here.

The source code for this website and the quantum code is available on github at

To start simply select which of the four shells you would like to hide the ball under.



Congratulations! The quantum processor at IBM has computed that you had selected Shell #. Does this match what you selected?